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“May the odds be ever in your favor.” – Effie Trinket, Hunger Games

Harrison is the youngest member of our team, and wasn’t even born when our songs were popular on the charts. Each of his rides on The Bull is one of music discovery. As he says, “It’s like Spotify, when you are listening to one song you know, and then it plays a random one you don’t.” All of our music is like that for him. Discovery mode, on.

While we are welcoming him to our world, he is teaching us as well. Harrison is very tech savvy and enjoys spending time creating apps and gaming. He tried to teach us about Tinder, but we swiped left on the idea of meeting a stranger from online.

His favorite songs on Bull Classic Country, so far, are the ones he recognizes from the background of TikTok videos. We are proud of his start in the audio world.

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